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Aspirin free – contains 500 mg paracetamol acetaminophen anacin 3 – acetaminophen.

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Dnot giv this mdication ta child tnag with a v, lu symptoms, chickn pox. Aspiin and cain can caus y’s syndom, a sious and somtims Hyzaar generico mexico atal condition in childn.

Anacin is usd ttat hadachs, muscl pain, minathitis pain, and v body achs causd by th common cold. Anacin is somtims usd ttat pvnt hat attacks, stoks, and chst pain (angina). Anacin should b usd cadiovascula conditions only und th supvision a docto.

Th dosag is basd on you mdical condition and spons ttatmnt. Dnot incas you dos us this dug motn long than dictd. You condition will not impov any ast, and you isk sid cts will incas. Us th smallst ctiv dos.

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